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thumbnail for: Clemens.pl Website and Auction System

Clemens.pl Website and Auction System

Tags: programming, django, python, www

Created the website and online Dutch auction system for Clemens Online Auction House

thumbnail for: Vizivizi – Video conversion system

Vizivizi – Video conversion system

Tags: cpp, programming

A C++ backend for an online movie creation website that can merge clips, add effects and transitions, (hard)render subtitles and generate thumbnails

thumbnail for: Konwertery.com Website

Konwertery.com Website

Tags: logo, php, programming, python, www

Complete website for converting accounting documents

thumbnail for: The Vinci project

The Vinci project

Tags: django, programming, python, www

Designing and writing forum and auction modules using Django for an interior design interactive service

thumbnail for: Allegro Collector

Allegro Collector

Tags: cpp, programming

A C++ program that collects vast amounts of transaction data from the popular Polish auction service Allegro