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I am an architect based in Warsaw, Poland – graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture (WAPW) in 2008, holding also a second master's degree in finance from the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) since 2012. My main areas of interest in economy are: managerial accounting, IT systems, and effectiveness of management (which, unsurprisingly, were also the topic of my master's thesis).

Despite having architectural and economic education, my professional work is most of the time closely related to information science and communication technology. The majority of projects I engage myself in passionately fall into the following categories:

  • Programming (Python/C++), data mining and analysis, database systems (PostgreSQL/MySQL), building websites and web services.
  • Desktop publishing, typesetting of articles and books (InDesign/LaTeX), poster design, visual identity, user experience and web design.

Since a lot of these tasks can be worked on remotely, without the need for meetings in person, countries and continents don't matter anymore. If you have got a software/design project that you would like to discuss, feel free to contact me. The best way to do it is via e-mail:


Thank you for visiting this site. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!